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Mini-workshop on electron correlation

We organize a mini-workshop on electron correlation,
to be held in Toulouse, NOVEMBER 2-3 2015.
It takes place on the Campus of the Université Paul Sabatier (on the line B of the metro, direction Ramonville), in the Bât 3R1, in the Salle polyvalente
(room 20) at the ground floor (see map of the campus).

This is an informal workshop with plenty of time dedicated to discussion before, during, after a talk.This event is co-organised with the Correlation Team of the ETSF.

Please find the program here.

List of participants:

Bernard  Amadon  -­‐  Université  Paris  Sud  
Claudio  Attaccalite  -­‐  Institut  Néel  
Mohamed  Belkacem  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Arjan  Berger  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Mai  Dinh  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier    
Stefano  Di  Sabatino  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Giorgia  Fugallo  -­‐  Ecole  Polytechnique  
Congzhang  Gao  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Maria  Hellgren  -­‐  Université  Pierre  et  Marie  Curie  
Lionel  Lacombe  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Charline  Lema  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Bastien  Mussard  -­‐  Université  Pierre  et  Marie  Curie  
Valerio  Olevano  -­‐  Institut  Néel  
Nathaniel  Raimbault  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Lucia  Reining  -­‐  Ecole  Polytechnique  
Pina  Romaniello  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Davide  Sangalli  -­‐  Istituto  di  Struttura  della  Materia,  CNR,  Rome  
Francesco  Sottile  -­‐  Ecole  Polytechnique  
Eric  Suraud  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier  
Walter  Tarantino  -­‐  Ecole  Polytechnique  
Valérie  Veniard  -­‐  Ecole  Polytechnique  
Marc  Vincendon  -­‐  Université  P.  Sabatier

You can find many affordable hotels in Toulouse. The best is to find something
along the line B of the metro, since you need to take it to reach the university
campus (Stop: Université Paul Sabatier), where the meeting well take place. It
is also nice to stay somewhere downtown, where you can find plenty of
restaurants and pubs. In the following there are a few suggestions.

1) Hôtel Père Léon (12 Place Esquirol)
2) Hôtel Albert 1er (18 Rue Rivals)
3) Hôtel Wilson Square (12 Rue d'Austerlitz)
4) Hôtel Riquet (92 Rue Riquet)

Find also some suggestsions for restaurants here.

We arranged the lunch for the two days at the restaurant L’Esplanade, which is 10 minutes walking from our meeting room (

Pina Romaniello

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