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Mini-workshop "REST in Paris"

Common problems and solutions in core and valence theoretical spectroscopies

7-8 December 2017 -
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Campus Jussieu - Paris


The workshop aims to bring together researchers from core and valence spectroscopies (XAS, XPS, (N)-RIXS, optical absorption, EELS) in order to compare their respective theoretical approaches. The goal is to identify common problems, and to propose possible solutions adopted from the various communities.

The common theme to all lectures is the modeling of the hole-electron interaction.

This meeting aims to be a pedagogical and convivial moment of science, with a lot of time devoted to discussion between participants. On the first day, renowned invited speakers will introduce and compare the various approaches (DFT, TDDFT, Green functions). On the second day contributed talks from the participants will be presented.


Campus Jussieu, Sorbonne Université - UPMC

Amphi Charpak (Rez-de-chaussée/Street level - Tower 22);
See map

From the main entrance of the campus, go to Tower 23. Take the stairs or the elevator to the lower level (indicated as either "RC" or "SB", this is the level of the street). Then get out of the Tower 23. The entrance of the amphitheater is near Tower 22 in the patio delimited by Tower 22, 23, 32, and 33.

Wifi access is possible in the Amphi Charpak through the Eduroam network.

Invited lectures

Guillaume Radtke: Standard approaches for core level spectroscopies. From single particle to multielectronic methods.

Francesco Sottile: Green functions methods.

Yves Joly: From DFT to time-dependent DFT: focus on the hole-electron interaction.

Jianqiang (Sky) Zhou and Pierluigi Cudazzo: Photoemission vs optical spectroscopy.

Maurits Haverkort: Ab initio multiplets.

Christian Brouder: The challenge of optical spectra calculations: the unsolved problem of the colour of materials.


The program starts at 9:00 am on Thursday 7 December and ends at 4:45 pm on Friday 8 December. Contributions are very welcome from all participants in the form of a short talk or a poster.

A poster session will be organized at lunch time on Friday 8 December in the Conference room of IMPMC (room 401, corridor 22-23, 4th floor).

See the program

Download the abstract booklet

Information for speakers: For your presentation you can use either the PC that is available in the meeting room (in this case, please bring a USB key with your presentation) or your laptop with a mini Display Port, Display Port or HDMI (VGA is also possible).

Abstract submission

In order to submit an abstract for a talk/poster, please see the doc template. Latex format is accepted provided it follows the doc template. All the abstracts have to be sent in pdf into

Abstract Doc template

Deadline: 20 October 2017


Please register by sending an email to

Registration fees: There is NO conference fee. Lunches, coffee breaks will be provided, as well as the visit of the collection of minerals of IMPMC/UPMC (

Important information (especially) for PhD students and Post-docs:
EUSpec COST Action ( will reimburse (totally or partially) travel and accomodation expenses for a number of participants selected by the organizers. Please send us a one-page resume and a one-page letter motivating your participation to this workshop.

Deadline: 10 November 2017


For any request of further information please contact the organizers:

Delphine Cabaret: delphine.cabaret"AT"
Matteo Gatti: matteo.gatti"AT"
Amélie Juhin: amelie.juhin"AT"

We acknowledge funding from EUSpec COST Action MP 1306
and by the Domaine d'Intérêt Majeur DIM OXYMORE.

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