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Discussion Meeting on Correlation

Dear colleagues and friends, we are happy to announce the next discussion meeting
on correlation, to take place (presentially) in Palaiseau on 27-28 April 2022.

As usual, it is an informal workshop, much centered on discussions, where new ideas,
problems, promising (and failed) attempts are prioritary over finished and published

Discussion meeting on Machine Learning

December 9-10, 2021

The gdr REST organizes this discussion meeting on Machine Learning (ML),
particularly focusing on condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry.

The workshop will be held mainly online, via a zoom session, even if we do not exclude a hybrid version, with some participants present in Palaiseau, at the Ecole Polytechnique.

Université de Lorraine recrute Ingenieur de Recherche

Ingénieur(e) expert(e) en calcul scientifique et responsable du support
pour le centre de calcul Explor (CDD 1 an en 2022) :

La fiche de poste est en doc attaché. Les candidatures féminines sont encouragées.
Les compétences et expertises des candidat(e)s pourront le cas échéant être complétées
par des formations dans le cadre de la prise de fonction.

Post-doctoral position on the theory and modeling of silicon spin quantum bits (qubits)

A post-doctoral position is opened at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of
Grenoble (IRIG) of the CEA Grenoble (France) on the theory and modeling of silicon
spin quantum bits (qubits). The selected candidate is expected to start at the
beginning of year 2022, for up to two years.

All details and application procedure can be found at

Postdoc & PhD positions in Theoretical Quantum Physics at LMU Munich

We are seeking highly motivated Postdocs and PhD students to join our research
group in Theoretical Quantum Physics. Candidates are expected to have either
excellent analytical skills, ideally with a background in fermionic quantum
systems and reduced density matrices, or a strong expertise in numerical methods
used in quantum chemistry. Mathematical Physicists are encouraged to apply as
well. Our projects are concerned with the interface of Quantum Information
Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics. We resort to analytic approaches partly

Tenure-track position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Our Department@Sapienza has an opening for a tenure-track position in Theoretical
Condensed Matter Physics, with deadline 30th September 2021; we are encouraging
applications from all fields of theoretical and computational condensed matter,
including many-body methods, quantum materials, soft and active matter, complexity,
etc interested people can send informal inquiries to the

Postdoctoral position in theoretical physics for condensed matter

A post-doctoral position in the area of theoretical condensed-matter physics is open for a young researcher in the Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés (LSI), École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.

The post-doctoral researcher will work in collaboration with theoreticians Nathalie Vast and Jelena Sjakste (LSI), as well as with Yeonsoo CHO (PhD student). A collaboration with experimentalists of the ANR project is also part of the project.

postdoc offer on TDDFT from Rutgers

Dear friends, 


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