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New GDR :: IA en sciences des materiaux

Ceci est un email à large diffusion, nous nous excusons par avance si
vous le recevez par plusieurs canaux de communications.

Nous vous informons d’un projet de création d’un GDR « IA en sciences
des matériaux », soutenu par les instituts de physique et de chimie du

Ce groupe de recherche viserait à :

- rassembler les équipes couvrant le continuum entre « développements en
IA » jusqu’aux applications concrètes en sciences des matériaux, et à
favoriser les échanges pédagogiques entre communautés

ISTPC2021 online school in electronic structure theory

For obvious reasons related to the pandemic, we had to postpone twice
(2020—> 2021—> 2022) the third edition of our “International summer School
in electronic structure Theory: electron correlation in Physics and
Chemistry” (ISTPC) event. 


The MaX/CECAM virtual school will last four days and will be held on April 8, 9 (week 1)
and April 15, 16 (week 2) 2021
using the online platform Zoom.  The school aims to introduce participants to post-DFT
in particular to many-body perturbation theory (MBPT) approaches and will provide both
theoretical overviews
and practical training on the calculation of electronic and optical properties of solids
and nanostructures.

PhD position at the ICP, University Paris-Saclay

We are looking for candidates for a PhD position at the Institut de Chimie Physique of the
University Paris-Saclay.

The project is about Light-induced isomerization of a protonated Schiff base: Study of the
effects of photo-excitation and environment using quantum vibrionic wavepacket techniques
and quantum-classical methods (with main focus on the exact factorization).

GDR REST General Meeting :: June 2021

it is with great pleasure that we announce the General Meeting / Réunion Générale of the GDR REST (REncontres de Spectroscopie Théorique).

The meeting is intended to bring together the members of the GDR but also other scientists working in theoretical spectroscopy and all related areas.
The meeting will be a virtual event, to be held in June 2021. We have planned four afternoon sessions that will take place in the first two weeks of June.

ModSim conference series

The chemical physics division of the Société Chimique de France and Société Française de Physique started the ModSim Conference Series to be held every two months.

Please visit this website

to find the relevant info.
There is no need to register.

Post-doc offer at LCT Sorbonne Université Paris

A 1 year post-doc is available with possible extension at the Laboratoire
de Chimie Théorique (LCT) Sorbonne Université Paris (France) under the
supervision of Dr. Eleonora Luppi in collaboration with Dr. Julien
Toulouse (LCT) and Dr. Antoine Levitt (Inria and CERMICS, ENPC).

online course on Density Functional Theory

we would like to draw your attention to a new online course on Density Functional Theory


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